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In re Garlock Sealing
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Case No. 10-BK-31607

Charlotte Division

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Asbestos-Containing Products

The Garlock products typically identified in litigtaion are: compressed asbestos sheet gaskets and asbestos packing.

A gasket is a thin piece of material (usually 1/32” to 1/8” thick) used to create a seal between metal surfaces that would otherwise leak, such as a flange where two metal pipes connect, or where a pipeline attaches to equipment like pumps and valves. A gasket is sandwiched between metal pipe surfaces.

Compressed asbestos gaskets were manufactured in sheets and reached the consumer in one of two forms: (1) sheet gasket material that often came in rolls out of which the purchaser cut gaskets to size, and (2) pre-cut gaskets that the purchaser ordered to requested sizes and shapes either directly from Garlock or from a gasket supply company that engaged in custom gasket cutting.

Packing is braided yarn that is wrapped around the shafts of valves and other equipment to prevent leaks. Garlock asbestos packing was made with asbestos yarn impregnated and coated with lubricants, such as Teflon or graphite. Just as with gaskets, asbestos in packing was encapsulated.

Some businesses of Coltec manufactured certain equipment that contained asbestos-containing components in the past—often, though not exclusively, such components were manufactured by Garlock. Coltec-related divisions or businesses that may have sold asbestos-containing products or equipment were Fairbanks Morse, Quincy Compressor, Central Moloney, Delavan, France Compressor, and Farnam.