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Chapter 11 Case No. 9:08-bk-11535-RR
United States Bankruptcy Court - Central District of California, Santa Barbara Division

Critical Sale Documents

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Docket No.Loan #TitleDate FiledSizeRelated Documents
1067B436-057/13/2011838 KB
1066B436-057/13/2011484 KB
1039B588-05 through B596-056/24/2011568 KB
1038B588-05 through B596-056/24/2011364 KB
1022B141-05 through B164-056/21/2011148 KB
1021B141-05 through B164-056/21/20113.1 MB
1020B525-056/21/2011414 KB
1019B525-056/21/20112.6 MB
1018B524-056/21/2011439 KB
1017B524-056/21/20112.8 MB
1016B125-076/21/2011662 KB
1015B125-076/21/2011594 KB
1014B225-066/21/2011683 KB
1013B225-066/21/20114.8 MB
1003B520-056/10/20112.6 MB
1002B520-056/10/2011433 KB
1001B519-056/10/20113 MB
1000B519-056/10/2011432 KB
967B434-055/16/2011501 KB
966B434-055/16/2011525 KB

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