Rhodes Companies, LLC

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Chapter 11 Case No. 09-14814
U.S. Bankruptcy Court District of Nevada
Hon. Gregg W. Zive
The Rhodes Companies, LLC
Related Debtors
DebtorCase #Filing Date 
Heritage Land Company, LLC09-147783/31/2009 
The Rhodes Companies, LLC09-148143/31/2009Primary Case
Tribes Holdings, LLC09-148173/31/2009 
Apache Framing, LLC09-148183/31/2009 
Geronimo Plumbing, LLC09-148203/31/2009 
Gung-Ho Concrete, LLC09-148223/31/2009 
Bravo, Inc.09-148253/31/2009 
Elkhorn Partners, a Nevada Limited Partnership09-148283/31/2009 
Six Feathers Holdings, LLC09-148333/31/2009 
Elkhorn Investments, Inc.09-148373/31/2009 
Jarupa, LLC09-148393/31/2009 
Rhodes Realty, Inc.09-148413/31/2009 
C & J Holdings, Inc.09-148433/31/2009 
Rhodes Ranch General Partnership09-148443/31/2009 
Rhodes Design and Development Corp.09-148463/31/2009 
Parcel 20, LLC09-148483/31/2009 
Tuscany Acquisitions IV, LLC09-148493/31/2009 
Tuscany Acquisitions III, LLC09-148503/31/2009 
Tuscany Acquisitions II, LLC09-148523/31/2009 
Tuscany Acquisitions, LLC09-148533/31/2009 
Rhodes Ranch Golf and Country Club09-148543/31/2009 
Overflow, LP09-148563/31/2009 
Wallboard, LP09-148583/31/2009 
Jackknife, LP09-148603/31/2009 
Batcave, LP09-148613/31/2009 
Chalkline, LP09-148623/31/2009 
Glynda, LP09-148653/31/2009 
Tick, LP09-148663/31/2009 
Rhodes Arizona Properties, LLC09-148683/31/2009 
Rhodes Homes Arizona, LLC09-148824/1/2009 
Tuscany Golf Country Club, LLC09-148844/1/2009 
Pinnacle Grading, LLC09-148874/1/2009 

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