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Omni Management Expands its Team with the Addition of Alison Miller

Woodland Hills, CA, -- October 23, 2018 -- Omni Management Group, an affiliate of Beilinson Advisory Group, today announced the expansion of its leadership team with the appointment of Alison Miller as Senior Vice President. Ms. Miller will focus on sourcing new opportunities, developing and directing strategic initiatives aimed at growing the firm's market share, and supporting its relationships within the bankruptcy, restructuring and investing communities.

“The expansion of the Omni leadership team to include Alison and her business development expertise and expansive network is in line with Beilinson Advisory Group’s commitment to grow the company, expand market share and continue exploring additional opportunities,” said Marc Beilinson, Chairman of Beilinson Advisory Group.

Ms. Miller began her career in the Restructuring Group in the New York office of Kirkland & Ellis (K&E), where she represented financially distressed companies in all aspects of corporate restructuring. After K&E, she turned to business development, where she was responsible for developing and implementing various strategic marketing and origination initiatives at firms in the legal, private equity and bankruptcy administration sectors. She obtained her J.D. with honors from Fordham University School of Law.

"We are delighted to welcome Alison to our team," said Brian Osborne, Omni’s CEO and President. “She brings over a decade of restructuring experience across several sectors, including law, claims administration and private equity. We feel she is a strong addition to our business development effort."

Notably, the addition of Ms. Miller to the Omni team is part of a larger growth strategy for the firm, which was acquired earlier this year by management, Marc Beilinson and affiliates of Beilinson Advisory Group, a restructuring advisory and interim management firm.

“Together with Omni’s existing management, and augmented by Alison’s in-depth industry knowledge and strong relationships across many sectors, we are excited to support the firm’s vision of delivering exceptional service, new intuitive technologies and proactive, cost-effective results to meet the needs of today’s restructuring professionals,” Beilinson said.

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About Omni Management Group
Founded in 1970, Omni Management has served the entire breadth of bankruptcy and restructuring cases, from small and mid-sized to mega cases in the bankruptcy sector. The firm is known for exceptional case administration services that are personal, professional, efficient and successful. The company maintains offices in Los Angeles and New York.

About Beilinson Advisory Group
Founded in 2007 by Marc Beilinson, Beilinson Advisory Group provides consulting, interim management and independent director services that deliver customized, creative and aggressive solutions to maximize value for all stakeholders (including hedge funds, private equity sponsors, financial institutions, creditors and shareholders), in distressed and/or underperforming companies.

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Beilinson Advisory Group Joins with Management to Buy Omni Management Group from Rust Consulting

New Company to Focus On Best-in-Class Service, Strategic Expansion and an Advanced Technology Platform to be Unveiled This Fall

Woodland Hills, CA – April 19, 2018 - Omni Management, the originator of corporate restructuring case management services nearly 50 years ago, announced today that existing management, Marc Beilinson, and affiliates of the Beilinson Advisory Group have purchased Omni Management Group from Rust Consulting. The new company, to be known as Omni Management Group, will provide enhanced services to restructuring professionals with personal and professional consulting services, new information management tools to ease case administration, and refined networking and research resources to help uncover new business opportunities.

Beilinson Advisory Group will provide strategic support and resources to Omni's existing management. Marc Beilinson will remain as chairman of the parent company. He is known for serving in high-profile bankruptcy cases as a chief restructuring officer (CRO), independent director and former partner at Pachulski, Stang, Ziehl & Jones LLP. New directors of Omni will be fellow Beilinson Advisory Group colleagues Mark Murphy, an attorney with restructuring and public equity experience, and turnaround professional Rick Kapko, CPA, CFE, CIRA, who brings more than 30 years of financial, operational and restructuring expertise.

Brian Osborne, a 30-year corporate restructuring veteran who has worked with the company for nearly 15 years, will serve as CEO. Joining Osborne as senior vice president will be Paul H. Deutch, a former bankruptcy attorney who opened Omni's New York office in 2009.

"Having been involved in all facets of the bankruptcy space for 35 years, I have always wanted to improve the claims and case management process," Beilinson stated. "I've known Brian for 25 years, and this transaction presented the right opportunity to join forces and make smart investments in systems, people and processes, and to create a product that is unsurpassed and easily utilized by bankruptcy professionals." He continued: "We're not a marketing organization. Our focus is on reinvesting in the company and delivering exceptional value with the highest level of service."

"Over the years, I have witnessed the growth of the claims management business," Osborne stated. "We have always operated differently than our corporate-style competitors because we focus on providing the most efficient and cost-effective service possible. Joining forces with Beilinson Advisory Group will allow us to fully realize our vision and exceed our clients' expectations, delivering exceptional service, new intuitive technologies and proactive, cost-effective results. "

Osborne went on to note that Omni has been involved in more than 2,500 projects during its 50 years in business, including some of the country's largest chapter 11 matters. Several recent major chapter 11 restructuring cases include Charming Charlie, Philadelphia Energy Solutions, Memorial Production Partners, ITT Educational Services, and 4 West Holdings dba Oriana Health Systems, which included more than 130 debtors. In addition, Omni has successfully provided bankruptcy administration services for such bankruptcy cases as Owens Corning, Pacific Gas & Electric, Refco, Mervyns, as well as the cities of Stockton and San Bernardino, Calif.

Osborne summarized, "We are very excited about our new partnership. We intend to help our clients to perform their business more intelligently. It's not enough to carry out the duties of the claims and noticing agent for our clients. We have to be a total information management solution. That's our focus, and that's how we can become our clients' best friends in business."

About Omni Management
Omni Management is the originator of the claims management and plan administration services in corporate bankruptcy cases. Founded in 1970, Omni has served the entire breadth of bankruptcy and restructuring cases, from small and mid-sized to the largest cases in the bankruptcy sector. The firm is known for exceptional case administration services that are personal, professional, efficient and successful. The company maintains offices in Los Angeles and New York. For more information, please see

About Beilinson Advisory Group
Beilinson Advisory Group was founded by Marc Beilinson in 2007 to provide innovative consulting, interim management, and independent director services to companies and their stakeholders (including hedge funds, private equity firms, financial institutions, creditors, and shareholders). For more information, please see

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