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Omni’s Call Center Services Provide Immediate And Direct Communications

Call centers provide a direct communication tool between debtors, creditors and interested parties, setting a tone of cooperation and transparency. Omni recognizes that providing prompt and accurate information about a chapter 11 matter can relieve a substantial burden on a debtor and its professionals. Upon request, we can immediately activate a dedicated call center to handle chapter 11 inquiries.

Call center services can be tailored to each matter, from a simple voicemail box with a recorded message to a live phone center with real-time operators. Omni creates, maintains, and provides to the debtor and/or its professionals daily phone logs with detailed information. Most inquiries can be addressed in an initial contact with a call center representative or recorded message. Issues requiring additional attention are identified, categorized, and directed to the appropriate party.

Omni’s call center is extremely effective and reduces the valuable time it takes for a debtor and its professionals to respond to a high volume of inquiries.


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