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Omni Helps Official Committees Meet Their Statutory Obligations And Effectively Communicate With Their Constituents.

In today’s bankruptcy climate, including recent changes to the Bankruptcy Code, the roles and requirements of official committees are more diverse than ever. Omni provides a full suite of services to help official committees meet these legal and administrative obligations.

Omni provides support to official committees in the following ways:

Official Committee Websites: Create and maintain state-of-the-art, interactive, informational websites that facilitate communications between the committee and its constituents.

Toll-Free Call Centers: Set up dedicated call centers to provide public case information, respond to non-legal creditor inquiries, and deliver daily call logs to help the committee monitor communications and reply as necessary.

Noticing Services: Assist the committee with mail, email, facsimile, and overnight service of documents and notices.

Plan Solicitation: Provide plan solicitation services for committees proposing alternative plans or offering less expensive solicitation options than debtors.

Claim Reconciliation: Provide claim workbooks, claim resolution reports, individual claim worksheets, objection exhibits, and service lists.

Disbursements: Manage all aspects of disbursement services, from preparation and issuance of disbursement checks to bank reconciliations.

Omni has the ability to adapt any services required by an official committee in today’s marketplace.


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