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Effective Consulting Requires Experience; Omni Has Spent 40 Years Consulting Businesses In Almost Every Industry.

Pre-Petition Consulting

The success of a chapter 11 case begins well before the actual filing of a bankruptcy petition. A complete understanding of a debtor’s current operations, staffing, and finances help create both a short- and long-term plan to ensure the debtor’s success in chapter 11. As part of our pre-bankruptcy planning, Omni has the experience to:

  • Assist with analysis of pre-petition disbursements, including payroll and critical vendors, and in the preparation of projected cash flow statements.
  • Analyze debtor’s cash management system and establish new bank accounts
  • Assist with the reporting requirements of the Office of the U.S. Trustee.
  • Evaluate the status of insurance policies.
  • Review status and treatment of various taxing authorities.
  • Assist with the preparation of a communications plan to provide information to the general public, customers, creditors, employees, and other interested parties.

Post-Petition and General Consulting

Omni has extensive experience as a liquidating agent/plan administrator. Omni has also been engaged by liquidating agents, plan administrators, court appointed receivers, chapter 7/11 trustees and an assignee for the benefit of creditors, to assist in effectuating the required post-confirmation tasks.

As a liquidation agent/plan administrator, Omni executes the requirements of plans, including management of operations, liquidating assets, prosecuting and settling litigation, reconciling claims, and disbursing assets.

As an administrative consultant managing an orderly liquidation, Omni works directly for clients or for a receiver, trustee, or assignee, to assist with various on-site responsibilities, including the oversight and management of accounting and finance functions, review and approval of disbursements, cash management reporting, reduction in force, liquidation of assets, monitoring of operations, security of hard copy and electronic information, personnel issues, and claims reconciliation.

With 40 years in business, Omni is uniquely qualified to provide effective consulting services in any situation.


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