Virtual Data Rooms

Omni’s Virtual Data Rooms Provide Comprehensive and Secure Document Management

The Virtual Data Room is the best solution for cost-effective and centralized secure access to documents and database information for multiple users with varying requirements. Using its own proprietary technology, Omni has created a VDR that provides effective, user-friendly data solutions that can be customized to meet all of your document management needs.

Omni’s data rooms can be applied to support the following requirements:

  • M&A and Bankruptcy § 363 sale due diligence
  • Litigation/discovery support
  • Executory contract repository
  • Trustee case document repository
  • Ponzi scheme investment document repository

Through Omni’s proprietary technology, clients can:

  • Provide multiple levels of security and access to their virtual data rooms – while the majority of users may be limited to “read-only” status, at the discretion of the client administrator, priority users may be provided with either limited or full editing/uploading authority.
  • Allow authorized users access to a complete and searchable daily transaction log reflecting all activity taking place in the virtual data room (including user log-in/log-out times and a record of all documents viewed).
  • Perform full text and keyword searches across multiple layers of files/documents.
  • Integrate complex database information with supporting documentation.
  • Allow the user (or Omni, at the client’s discretion) to upload and manage documents.
  • Create any customized solution required to improve the quality and use of the VDR.

Both the creation of our virtual data rooms and day-to-day maintenance is performed by our skilled information technology team. Omni does not outsource any of its services.

Whether the needs are simple or complex, Omni’s VDRs are created to meet the unique needs of every user in an easy-to-use and cost-effective manner.


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